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I cant be the only one annoyed with that episode.
I’m sorry but I tlink Regina is to busy thinking about Henry to be bothered by Robin right now!

Snow was so FUCKING irritating how she and David hardly gave two fucks and gave up so easily!!!!

Regina appeared to care more for Emma and Henry!

WAIT A SECOND!!! Isn’t robin from our world!? Isn’t Doctor Whale too!? Is that why in the promo they’re still in our world!? WHATS GOING ON!?

In regards to the script spoiler…

I think Regina will tell Emma about what sacrifice she had to make to enact the curse…

There was A LOT of hugging in the last OUAT episode!!!

I just wanted to throw myself in there with them all! Snuggles!


Any OUAT or Lost Girl links please? Vod and Werez are down :( thanks!!